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Our focus is on service and treating them as we would like to be treated to us on our vacations, that's why we offer VIP attention to our tourist friends. Our ideology is that the island is the same, what makes the experience different is the attention received and we specialize in the details of the care. Our mission is to pamper you and make your experience unforgettably extraordinary, for that we exist!

For over 19 years Justin and Claudia have been married, both from Venezuela and living in Bonaire since 2005, working in the area of ​​motivation and personal growth and their companies have been focused on service and personal growth, and already being in Bonaire and established on the island decide to form the company JRBM Group Publicity BV which started in 2010 with a weekly distribution newspaper called BON SIMAN and which is derived from it in 2016 as BON SIMAN FAMILY TOURS as an expansion of the services of JRBM Group Publicity B.V.

Our experience in this area goes back to 2009 where we started as tour guides on the island of Bonaire, working for a company with vast experience in the area of ​​tourism on the island, where we worked until the 2014-2015 season, where with the support of this company with which we worked for more than 5years, we decided to start providing the service from our own company, the rest is a story of growth and success that is still being written with every outing we do to serve and consent to our customers, who they are at the end of the day the reason to be present to make your experience on the island unforgettably extraordinary.





Director of the company and in charge of assisting them on arrival at Bonaire, who will personally explain about our tours or any questions they need to ask, Claudia is an administrator by profession and with courses on personal treatment and problem management, in addition to having the approval of TCB (Tourism Corporation Bonaire) as a tourist guide since 2009. Your experience and kindness will give you the treatment you deserve on your vacation.



Director of the company and at the same time Guide and driver, with courses of personal and motivational treatment for more than 15 years, to facilitate your stay and make your experience around the island is extraordinary and very safe. It also has courses in first aid and CPR obtained since 2011 with
Bonaire firefighters. It also has the approval of TCB (Tourism Corporation Bonaire) as a tour guide since 2010.

Our Team is highly professional and ready for you to have an extraordinary and very safe experience at Bonaire.



Highly reliable staff, helps us both in direct sales and in tours, a highly positive and friendly person that will allow you to keep your attention just to enjoy the experience. His ability is to have a big smile to make him feel good and comfortable. Conny, is the best person to show you everything you can do with
us, on this beautiful island.

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